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5 Things You\\\\\\\'re Doing Everyday That\\\\\\\'s Giving You That Pain In The Neck

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Your neck is a network of nerves, bones and muscles that co-ordinates with the brain and the spinal cord. It is also very vulnerable to pain and any abnormalities or injury can cause unexplained pain or stiffness. Neck pain can vary widely depending on each person. Sometimes the pain is mild and goes away in 3-4 days with Physiotherapy at Home whereas sometimes the pain can render you immobile. Here are 5 things you’re doing every day that’s giving you that nasty neck pain.
1. You\\\\\\\'re on your phone all the time
Bad posture is one of the leading causes of neck pain. If you\\\\\\\'re one of those people who are always glued to your phones, you are unknowingly stressing your lower neck. This also stresses the muscles of the upper back as they balance out the movement of your head. Try to keep your phone as close to eye level as possible to avoid this neck strain.
2. You\\\\\\\'re stressed out
Stress is a pain in the neck. Researchers have seen a rise in neck pains with patients with higher levels of stress. Muscle tension is one of your body’s default reactions to every day stress. Take time to relax, take up a yoga class or practice meditation.
3. You haven\\\\\\\'t kicked the butt
If your neck is giving you problems, consider quitting smoking. Smoking accelerates degenerative disc disease. Chemicals in cigarettes harden your arteries and decrease blood supply to bones and discs, which starves the bones of your neck for nutrients.
4. You slept weird
The way you sleep may be giving you that stiff neck in the morning. Avoid awkward sleep positions and try sleeping on your back instead, which allows your pillow to support your head and neck. Maybe use a foam pillow, which molds to your neck and helps maintain proper alignment with your spine.
5. You carry the world in your bag
Most people don’t realize the toll their bags take on their shoulder and neck muscles. The arm supporting your bag isn’t moving naturally, which means the other arm is swinging more to compensate. This imbalance can strain your neck and back. Try downsizing your bag and use bags with wider straps that can be balanced on both the shoulders equally.
When to seek help?
If your pain does not subside in a week or more, and radiates into the shoulders and arms, you should definitely seek medical help immediately or call a physiotherapist at home and get tested. It could be early signs of such as a spinal cord injury, cancer, HIV and meningitis.
Nightingales Physiotherapy at Home
If the pain continues, be sure to either book an appointment with a physiotherapist as soon as possible. Nightingales also offers physiotherapy services at home if you or your loved one is in a lot of pain and cannot move.

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