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Five Reasons Why Home Care Physiotherapy Is Your Best Friend.

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Home care physiotherapy is not a treatment meant for sporty people or even someone recovering from an injury. It could also be helping people impacted by disabilities or illnesses with use of exercises and movements to get them back on their feet and improve the quality of one’s life too.
Here are five things that make physiotherapy your best friend.
1. Prevention of surgery
Physiotherapy can be a very beneficial in eliminating pain or healing from an injury which could make surgery unnecessary. But even if surgery is required, you could also have pre-surgery physiotherapy services at home where you will be going into surgery stronger and in a better shape which in turn helps you recover faster post-surgery.

2. Betterment of mobility
There are times when one faces difficulty in standing, walking or moving irrespective of their age. It can be an elderly person or even an infant suffering from these mobility issues. This is where physiotherapy comes into the picture. With stretching and strengthening exercises suggested by our home care physiotherapy experts at Nightingales, you can restore your ability to move better depending on their body and health necessities.

3. Recovery post stroke
Things can be a little difficult post stroke. Patients tend to lose their degree in function and movement, more importantly there is a cloud of paranoia and anxiety that forms in their minds. Physiotherapists not only help improve a stroke patient’s ability to move or do their daily activities but also restore confidence in them to lead their life independently.

4. Supporting age related issues
As people age they may tend to develop health related issues such as arthritis, osteoporosis or even a joint replacement. They also tend to develop pulmonary or heart related deceases. With the help of physiotherapy services at home, which involve breathing exercises in the case of pulmonary problems by clearing the fluid in their lungs or even patients with joint replacement or arthritis are treated with conservative methods that strengthen and condition their body.

5. Reducing or eliminating of pain.
Many times one can have a joint pain or a lower spine ache due to wear and tear of the ligament or excessive pressure on the weak points of the body. This could result in joint pains or back aches depending on the region of stress. There are many therapeutic exercises and manual therapy techniques such as joint and soft tissue mobilization that can help relieve pain and restore muscle and joint functioning. They also prevent pain from returning.
Expert home care physiotherapists at Nightingales have always been offering practical information for patients, families and the community at their health centres or even from the comfort of your home. So get in touch with our experts today and keep all the your health issues at bay!

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