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Wireless audio system is a set of suitable for live performances and sound production of high quality and high stability of the RF radio frequency wireless audio transmission system. Using the same digital audio codec / decoder as the most high-end Digital 9000, including a dual-channel receiver, pockets and hand-held transmitter. Can easily achieve cable audio equipment upgrade to wireless audio equipment. Can no longer be limited by the cable, just simply put the audio transmitter into the sound output, audio receiver into the music player, Wireless Audio Guide System you can listen to the wireless long-distance high-quality music, enjoy the audio equipment provided by the high Quality sound. There are also some products equipped with mini microphone, as long as a simple touch the transmitter button, you can achieve wireless microphone function. Wireless audio system to build and use the noise problem, summed up the distribution system, signal system, equipment, mating, electromagnetic interference and other aspects of how to avoid, find, eliminate,
Wireless Audio Guide System weaken the experience of wireless audio system noise. Noise and Processing in Wireless Audio System Wireless audio systems are built and used, the noise is often inevitable, which is often the most troublesome thing for audio workers. How to avoid, find, eliminate and weaken the noise in the wireless audio system, I believe that this must also be audio technology personnel often think and explore the problem. Here, Wireless Audio Guide System the author will talk about in the actual work to learn and master some of the experience and methods. In general, for analog systems, noise can be generated in all aspects of the system, and digital equipment, noise ferry into the weak link is always equipment A / D, D / A conversion part. But whether it is digital or analog wireless audio system, noise is no less than the following aspects: power distribution systems, signal systems, equipment, such as electromagnetic interference. Wireless audio system power supply for the single-phase three-wire system (FireWire, zero line, ground), some of the larger power consumption of wireless audio systems are often used three-phase five-wire system (three FireWire, zero line, ground) powered by. In the actual work, some engineering staff often zero line, ground line confusion, do not understand its role, either, zero connection is not standardized, or ground abandoned, Wireless Audio Guide System this is not regular, unsafe practices, and species Under the system noise hiddenIn the power system, the zero line is the reference potential current loop, that is, the neutral line, which is grounded at the front of the grid; and the ground is a repeatable multi-point access to the earth's safety protection line, in the engineering operation, Wireless audio system, should be done on the ground ground, can not be shared with the grid grounding. Grounding in accordance with the electrical operation of the standard construction, can not simply tap water pipes, heating pipes as a grounding point, Wireless Audio Guide System this will not only achieve the role of reliable grounding, and often cause a lot of noise interference. In general, low-voltage power supply grid are very standardized, most of the three-phase four-wire transmission to the local power grid. For a set of audio systems, especially fixed use of the system, such as studio, studio and other environments, in the local power grid plus protective ground, into three-phase five-wire or single-phase three-wire power supply If the mobile performance of the audio system, the power grid using three-phase four-wire power supply, and by the environmental restrictions are not convenient to protect the ground line, this time to ensure reliable connection of the system ground, and the system ground and grid neutral line connectivity, To eliminate the open circuit due to ground, in the equipment chassis to generate induced voltage caused by the exchange of noise hazards When the system is finished, we can check the system grounding. Use a multimeter to measure the voltage between the equipment chassis and the power ground and between the ground and the neutral, if the voltage is zero or very small, then the protection of grounding or protection is zero. Wireless Audio Guide System If the measured voltage between tens of volts to more than 100 volts, it must be bad grounding, the voltage is due to the equipment shell grounding resistance and the zero line or ground grounding resistance of the size of the equivalent of ground fault, the equipment The live voltage of the housing is: U shell = U phase × R shell / (R shell + R zero) ≈1 / 2 U phase

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