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The task, composition, performance and development of radio navigation system, for short-range navigation system, ultrashort wave directional system, Vulcan system, the c navigation system, the satellite navigation system and the autonomous radio navigation system for remote aerial navigation system, Radio Guide System the-instrument landing system, the Decimeter instrument Landing system, the microwave landing system and the radar-guided landing system are used for the aircraft landing guidance, such as the equipment, the tower, Radio Guide System the system and the Russian short-range navigation system.
Radio navigation system can be divided into amplitude type, frequency type, time type (pulse type) and phase type 4 kinds. According to the navigation parameters to be measured, the radio navigation system can be divided into angles of measurement (azimuth or high-low angle), ranging, distance difference and speed measuring 4. Modern also according to the radio navigation equipment main installation base is divided into the foundation (the equipment mainly installs on the ground or the sea surface), Radio Guide System the air base (the equipment mainly installs in the flight airplane) and the satellite base (the equipment mainly installs in the navigation satellite) 3 kinds. According to the role range of short-range, remote, super remote and Global positioning 4 kinds.
Most of the radio navigation systems work with the Doppler effect. A radio signal that is mounted on an aircraft in a narrow beam to the ground to emit a centimeter-band. Because of the Doppler effect, Radio Guide System there is a Doppler frequency shift and the Doppler frequency shift can be used to calculate the velocity of the aircraft relative to the ground (see Doppler navigation system) when the aircraft receives the signal frequency from the ground reflection and the transmitting signal frequency is different. Then, Radio Guide System using the pitch angle and heading angle given by the vertical datum and the course datum of the aircraft, the radial velocity is decomposed into the eastward velocity and the northward velocity, and the position of the aircraft at the time can be obtained respectively. Radio Guide System The position line of the Doppler velocity measurement system is also a hyperbola, and the radio navigation system is formed by the intersection of the cone of the Doppler frequency shift and the Inner sphere of the altitude of the aircraft. Doppler navigation system belongs to frequency (see aircraft navigation system).blue blue introduction.jpg
Product Application of the Two Way Radio Walkie Talkie
a.Government , hospital, business, reception, visiting.
b. Museum--tour groups (indoor) visiting
c. Education--school training, seminar, employee training
d. Outside training like hose-riding
e.Factory visiting
f. Bus-guided visiting
g. Religion activity for Church
h. For meetings, conferences.

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