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Time Management Tips for GATE 2018 Exam Techno Herald

Time management is a real trick for achieving any goal in life. It is a significant tool that decides our fate in GATE exams. The GATE 2018 entrance e...

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Expert Tips to Crack GATE 2018 Successfully

The GATE is one of the top level competitive exams in India, conducted by the Indian Institute of Science and a good score could mean admission in pre...

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Top Tips to improve your performance during GATE exam 2018

Exams are a nightmare for student especially competitive exams. The starting point of improvement in the performance of the GATE examination is to dia...

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Best Dance Classes in Patna | Jaysika Temple of Arts

ance has always been an inevitable and valuable part of our lives. Some people choose it as a hobby expressing their interests while some indulge in i...

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Kathak dance classes in Patna | Jaysika A Temple of Arts

Kathak is one of the most important classical dances of India, Kathak is said to be derived from the Sanskrit word Katha meaning “to tell a story”. Ka...

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Hip Hop Dance Classes in Patna | Jaysika A Temple of Arts

Hip-Hop Dance Classes offer many types of techniques that provide you healthy body figure along with dance training programs. You can easily maintain ...

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