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World currency notes for sale- Buy Now

If you have been looking to buy currency notes online, then Mintage World is one of the most trusted websites which offers world currency notes for sa...

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Learn about Coins in India Category-wise

From ancient coins of Indian Janapadas to Medieval coins there is a lot to explore when it comes to numismatics in India. There is a need to understan...

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Coins of Canada – The Complete Online Reference Guide

The first coins of Canada were issued in 1670. They were minted in Paris for French colonies. Copper coins withdrawn from Britain, American eagles, Sp...

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Buy Copper Dam of Akbar Struck at Bairat Mint

Always craved for coins of Akbar as a collector? Here’s a chance you shouldn’t miss! This stunning Copper Dam of Akbar weighs around 20.39 grams and w...

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Glorious Stories about History of British India at Mintage world

The history of British India starts with the Revolt of 1857, when people from different parts of the subcontinent came together to fight against the h...

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Have an old coin of India? Find its history here!

The history of old Indian coins dates back to thousands of years when each Janapada issued their own punch-marked coins from around 600BC. Most of the...

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Complete Reference Guide For Modern coins of India

Old British coins were used as frozen currency even after independence, until the first rupee modern coins of India were issued in the year 1950. 1/2 ...

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Buy Satavahana Coins of Pulumavi Just for Rs. 650

Always wanted unique Satavahana coins in your collection? Check out these stunning Satavahanas coins for sale that were struck during the reign of Pul...

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Kutch Coins for sale – Copper 1 1/2 Dokdo of Khengarji III

If you are looking for a trusted website that offers Kutch Coins for sale, then your search ends here! These historic copper coins of Kutch state bear...

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Understand Bikaner History in Depth at Mintage World

Enter a whole new world of history and learn about major events that defined Bikaner History. Get to know various other aspects of Bikaner History lik...

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British India Convention State Stamps and Their 10 Varieties

British India Convention State Stamps can be divided into ten categories namely, Chamba, Chamba Official, Faridkot, Faridkot Official, Gwalior, Gwalio...

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Buy 1 Pai Baroda state coins of Sayaji Rao III

If you love collecting Princely state Coins of India then here’s a chance to buy these beautiful Baroda state coins that were struck in 2.5 grams of c...

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British India Notes – Complete Online Catalogue and History

The first British India notes belonged to the Victoria portrait series and they were issued after the Paper Currency Act of 1861 was introduced. Under...

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Buy Rare 1950 Indian One Rupee Note with K.R.K. Menon Signature

Not everyone gets a chance to own a rare Indian One Rupee Note like this one. This Old Indian one Rupee Note issued in 1950 has a great market value a...

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Buy Bahmani Sultanate Coins at Reasonable Rates

Want to add beautiful Bahmani sultanate coins to your collection? These Bahmani coins were struck in 14.85 to 16.80 grams of copper under the regime o...

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British India stamps – Expansive Online Catalogue

The East India Company started issuing British India stamps ever since their first post office in Bombay was established in 1888. Scinde Dawk was the ...

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Notes of India – Most Elaborate Online Catalogue

Did you know the first currency notes of India issued during British period featured designs only on one side? The responsibility of printing Notes of...

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Buy South Korean Notes - 50000 won Note Featuring Famous Artist Shin Saim-dang

Always wanted a South Korea won note for your collection? Then Grab this opportunity right away! These 50000 won South Korea Notes are the highest den...

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Buy Half Pice Gwalior Coins of Madho Rao for Rs 300!

Here’s one of the stunning Gwalior Coins of the denomination Half Pice struck on copper under the regime of Madho Rao at Gwalior Mint. If you are look...

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Buy Hyderabad Coins of Mir Usman Ali Khan

Always wanted some interesting Hyderabad coins in your collection? These two Pai Hyderabad old coins were struck in 3.8 grams of copper at Hyderabad M...

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