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Coins of India - Online Catalogue from Ancient times to the present

Ancient coins of India from the Gandhara Janapada were struck in silver using the punch-marked technique between 600 and 300 BC. Coins in India issued...

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Rare notes of india – Complete History and Reference Guide

Old Notes of India were issued by the East India Company for Bombay, Bengal and Madras presidency. Most Currency notes of India issued during the Brit...

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Buy Roman Coins online – Silver Antoninianus of Philip I

If you have been looking to Buy Roman Coins online, here’s a beautiful Silver coin bearing the denomination Antoninianus, issued by Philip I. These 3....

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Get Precise Information on History of Patiala State at Mintage World

Patiala Princely State was the largest and wealthiest of Phulkian, Punjab. The rulers of this state claimed their origin from the Bhatti family of Jai...

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Arcot History – In Depth Analysis of Major Events and Rulers

Arcot princely state flourished between the Eastern Ghats and the Coromandel Coast of Madras presidency from 1690 to 1855. Arcot history is divided in...

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Complete Database of Antique Indian coins From Colonial Era

The half rupee silver coin issued in 1862, featuring a portrait of Queen Victoria is one of the rare coins of British India. Several interesting antiq...

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Discover Unknown Facts about Ahom Kingdom History & Coins at Mintage World

Did you know that Ahom Dynasty was established by Sukaphaa & it ruled for almost 600 years in present day Assam? There are several interesting facts a...

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Roman Coins for Sale – Silver Antoninianus of Gordian III

Here’s an ideal chance to buy some exquisite roman coins online. If you are passionate about Roman Empire Coins, then this is an eye-catchy piece of t...

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Most Valuable Old Indian Stamps Collection

Scinde Dawk was not just the first old Indian stamps but also the first ones to be issued in Asia. The 10 Rs Service stamp featuring Gandhiji issued i...

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Buy Coins Online With Informative Booklet

Want to buy coins online? Here’s an opportunity to explore a wide range of options. It you are looking for websites that offer old coins for sale in I...

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History of Junagadh Explored in Depth at Mintage World

Junagadh state was ruled by Babi or Babai pashtuns traced from Afghanistan. It has been a tourist attraction from those times with Girnar Mountain, Ja...

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Buy Rarest 1964 Indian One Rupee Note with S. Bhoothalingam Signature

It is a privilege for any Notaphilist or collector to own an Indian One Rupee Note like this one. If you are looking to Buy Indian one rupee note onli...

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Buy Roman Coins Online – Silver Antoninianus of Gordian III

Roman Empire Coins have a lot of historical significance like these beautiful old coins issued by Gordian III. These ancient roman coins were struck i...

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Complete Online Database of Princely State Currency Notes

When it comes to Princely State Currency Notes, Osmania notes of Hyderabad were the only ones that were issued in the Indian Subcontinent. These Princ...

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Buy Nigeria Notes online - 5 Naira Polymer Note of 2015

Beautiful Nigerian Notes like these in great condition are very difficult to obtain. Grab this opportunity to own this stunning 5 Nigerian Naira polym...

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Buy this 50000 Mozambican Meticals Banknote Just for Rs 250!

Ever thought you can have a beautiful Mozambique Note in your collection? Here’s your chance to buy one of these stunning mozambique banknotes from So...

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Some interesting facts about the Gupta Empire

The Gupta Empire was founded by Sri Gupta. The Empire brought with them a form of a Golden Age where learning took a front seat. Arts, science and arc...

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Buy Lebanon Note Online - 10 Lebanese Livres

Craving to add a beautiful Lebanon Note to your collection? This stunning Lebanese paper money is of the denomination 10 Lebanese livres and features ...

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History of Mewar – Important Events and Turning Points

Mewar State was actually established way back in 530 AD and its rulers were called Maharana or Rana of Mewar. Many dynasties like Mori, Guhilot and Si...

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Complete Online Reference Guide for Greek Coins

Greek coins can be broadly classified based on their time periods into three categories namely, Archaic, Classical and Hellenistic. If you have an anc...

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